1. The Talking Heads, “Stay Up Late” When I first heard it circa the release of Little Creatures in 1985, David Byrne’s rocking vignette about reconnecting with his own inner child by reveling in the joys of a baby as the ultimate plaything cracked me up, and it still does, every time I hear it (“Cute, cute/Little baby/Little pee-pee/Little toes”). A warning, however: As Chicago pediatric legend Dr. Marc Weissbluth emphasizes in his essential Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child, the absolute best advice any new parent can follow is never wake a sleeping baby.

Music critic Jim DeRogatis offers suggestions for the best music for babies | WBEZ 91.5 Chicago

In the three months after we had our daughter - three months during which she had colic and reflux - I remembered this song and thought “If David Byrne was coming over to our house talking that noise I would grab the lapels of his big suit and toss his ass out.”

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